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Our goal at The Day Trading Academy is to give you the tools to obtain your financial freedom. This means that at no point in time are we going to try to sell you any software or indicators that you do not need. Our primary goal is to teach you how to understand the market so you will no longer have to rely on anyone to become financial independent. You won’t have to pay any companies for coaching or advice. If you are committed to developing your skill as a professional day trader we will use all of our resources, including our own Master Traders, to get you where you need to be. Are you ready to change your lifestyle?

Our success depends on your success. Let’s continue to grow the DTA family.

Gold Achiever Diamond Elite Military Training University Military Training
Optimized Indicators
Basic Curriculum
Lifetime Tech Support
Video Library
Structured Coaching  3 months 1 year  add on Lifetime
Live Trading Room  3 months 1 year   add on Lifetime
Daily Recap Videos  3 months  1 year   add on Lifetime
Intermediate Curriculum  1 year   add on Lifetime
Pro Trader Seminar Ticket 50% off 50% off
1 Week Live Trading Seminar
Trading Center Access
Pro’s Room Access Invitation Only  Invitation Only Invitation Only
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