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Online Day Trading Recap – Sep 1st

Online Day Trading Recap, day trading, making money day trading,Online Day Trading Recap Sep 1st 2011 Chart 1

Today’s day trading started by me waking up super late since I went to sleep at 5 in the morning working on things with my travel blog.  Sometimes you just get ahead of yourself and I completely lose track of time, thats exactly what happened with today’s day trading.  As I was writing a post I was glancing at the market and saw T1 & T2 setup. They were as picture perfect as any trade could be I put in an order for both […]

Online Trading Market Recap – 08/31/11

online trading, online day trading, day trading recaps, learning how to day trade,Online Trading Recap Aug 31 2011 Chart 1

Today’s online day trading activity was a bit different from previous days.  It started with a nice trend to the upside but the market wasn’t running like it has been during the course of the last few weeks.  You can see the market really starting to settle down and there is much less volatility. Even though there was less volatility in the early morning once 11am rolled around we were off to the races again.  Today I made very good decisions but […]

Online Trading Market Recap: 08/30/11

online trading, day trading, day trading online, day traders, how to day day tradeOnline Trading Recap Aug 30 2011

Today’s online trading is a very unique day in the market since the FOMC (Federal Operating Market Committee) minutes are coming out.  Trading the morning during the FOMC can be a toss up. The vast majority of the times the market will either behave itself and give us good opportunities in the early morning or it will give us nothing at all.  With the volatility that the market has shown in the last few weeks I wanted to watch at least the early morning. During […]

Online Day Trading Market Recap: 08/29/11

Online Trading, Online Trading Market Recap, day trading, day trading online, Online Trading Market Recap Aug 26 2011Online Trading Recap Aug 29 2011

Where did the volatility go? Today didn’t have anywhere near the amount of movement and volatility that we have had the last few days.  You can see by my chart below that all the way into 11.30am (that’s roughly 2 hours after the 9.30 market open) the market was in an 8 point range. One of the beautiful things about the stock market is that even though the market is range bound there can still be great movement.  There were a total of […]

Online Day Trading Market Recap – 08/26/11

Online Trading, Online Trading Market Recap, day trading, day trading online, Online Trading Market Recap Aug 26 2011Online Trading Market Recap Aug 26 2011

These are the kind of days that make you drool as a day trader.  Today started off choppy with a support and resistance area holding in the beginning of the day but I was still able to extract a few points out of the market.  It always pays to be disciplined and with the areas holding I was just looking to just get in and out. The first chart above shows trades 1 to 6 (T1 to T6).  I did a better job […]

Online Day Trading Market Recap-08/25/2011

online day trading, day trading, day trading online, day trading resultsResults for August 25th

Online Trading on August 25th was like a dream come true.  The market has been moving beautifully the last few weeks and today was no exception.  Since the market opened there was plenty of volatility and movement in the market.  When we see this kind of volatility the market does tend to overrun our areas but today it really moved very nicely.  (Click on chart to Maximize) Chart on the left is Chart 1 Chart on the right is Chart 2 Both Charts are […]

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