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Live Market Class Recap: July 2nd

Rio De JaneiroView From My Loft in Rio De Janeiro

Today was one of those days that was exceptional for trading, not only because we could have made done well, but also because there were very important lessons which each and every single movement.  There were so many opportunities to be able to take a graceful exit and learning the art of being able to exit a trade early is one of the things that is vital to trading. I have been gone from the United States for so long and have […]

Live Trading June 29th – Not Greedy 3+ Points

Live Trading June 29th - Not Greedy 3+ Points

I would like to let everyone know that this is a TradeStation Chart and not a NinjaTrader chart to actually show the live market for today.  If you don’t know, NinjaTrader has a replay feature which allows you replay the data.. there is not replay feature in Tradestation… I was requested to post this so feel free to verify the data and time of the post 🙂 7.17am CST – In trade looking for more upside due to strength And The Exit…. […]

Student Trader Makes $4000 First Day Live From Qatar!

Successful TraderSuccessful Trader

I wanted to post this video earlier but I was ravaging through the country of Peru.  There is only one more country left to travel to in South America which is Ecuador.  I remember meeting Mahad like it was yesterday, it was my very first night in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, and I wanted to party like it was 1999. He showed me around the city and introduced me to some Ethiopian customs like chewing chat (click here if you […]

June 6th Live Market Class Recap

June 6th Live Market Class Recap

Today was another phenomenal day in the market for us and I wanted to try something a little different for the last few days by sharing student charts.  I just ended the class blitz where I hosted a serious of classes for everyone in the training program and it couldn’t have ended on a better note. Tomorrow is contract rollover day which means that the contracts change.  If you want a better understanding of that means check out the day trading eminis where […]

Day Trading & Traveling: Brazil Edition

day trading and traveling, day trading travel"View from our penthouse in RIo"

My emini day trading and traveling around the world has brought me to the last country I am going to live in South America, Brazil.  There is more than one goal at hand when I arrived in Brazil, it’s not only to experience the culture & people (ahem women) but also to see the possibility of opening a day trading center here.  The middle class in Brazil is exploding and the Brazilian market will soon be as big as the current market […]

The Death Of Tradestation

The Death Of Tradestation

I have been day trading eminis for almost 10 years now and with the recent questions I have been getting I wonder if people really know my actual age or when I actually started day trading.  I have seen an enormous shift in this industry with one day trading company spawning various methods and strategies, both good and bad. I started day trading at what would be considered the dawn of a new age when it comes to day trading eminis, click here to learn about […]

May 4th Recap: Bundas & 20 Points ($10,000 Available)

May 4th Recap: Bundas & 20 Points ($10,000 Available)

That is the view from my temporary office as I write this recap.  I am in a small town in southern Brazil called Florianopolis that is known for gorgeous beaches and well, gorgeous woman.  You didn’t think I was coming here just for the beach did you? Today was the kind of day that makes traders take weeks off.  I left a lot on the table but it didn’t matter because I was still able to make close to 20 points.  For […]

May 1st Recap: There Were No Opportunities Today

May 1st Recap: There Were No Opportunities Today

I made a million bucks today, again! Yep.  That is the common adage in the day trading industry, picking and choosing the best days in order to look very good in the eyes of newbies.  Well guess what, we didn’t have any “classic opportunities” on May 1st and I am more than willing to admit it. I didn’t make a million bucks, I didn’t lost anything, I sat in front of the computer and wished the rain would stop.  It was as boring as […]

April 30th Recap: 5pts ($2500 Available)

day trading in rio de janeiro

Welcome to the last day of the month! It is certainly not a nice day in Rio de Janeiro only decided to spend the entire day with hookah, reggae, and a day trading. I have taken over the living room and as you can see with the picture below this is my office for the day.  No Bundas here, if you don’t know what a Bunda and see this recap. I am very excited about some of the developments that have been […]

April 27th Recap: 11.75 points in 30 minutes

April 27th Recap: 11.75 points in 30 minutes

It has been a while hasn’t it?  We have a fantastic penthouse apartment overlooking the entire city here in Rio and we have been working diligently on what we now call the Day Trading Proyecto.  That is going to be the name of the day trading center in Colombia, Brice and I (will formally introduce Brice soon) are probably a year or more away from actually having a solid plan but I am very excited about the concept. We haven’t explored much […]

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