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We Are Offering A Free 1 Year Training Program & A Free Trip To Jordan

We Are Offering A Free 1 Year Training Program & A Free Trip To Jordan

Are you ready to do something new with your life? We are offering one lucky person the opportunity to earn a 1 year free training program to learn how to day trade.  All this will be coupled with a free trip to Jordan.  If you are ready to have a career that will allow you to travel around the world and have your financial & location freedom this is going to be an opportunity of a lifetime. 

My Day Trading Office In The Colombian Coffee Region

Day Trading In Colombia

While day trading in Colombia I was day trading & travelling through some of the most remote regions of the interior of the country.  The reason for the trip was to not only see the Colombian coffee region but also to help a photographer with a video project he was working on.  The result is above. This was an office at a photo studio and I  not only had issues with the internet, I also had an issue in trying to find a […]

The Announcement Of All Announcements Is Coming Soon – New Contest!

The Announcement Of All Announcements Is Coming Soon - New Contest!

The stars are aligning and I have been busy working hard to develop a new & improved curriculum that is going to focus on more advanced concepts and trades.  It has been a full year now since traders from the last company I was with convinced me to start teaching again. I’m glad that they did because I have met amazing traders and have improved my own trading by teaching others how to trade.  There is  a reason why I have student […]

From Military Training To Student Hot Seats: Alive & Well

day trading education

I have been so overwhelmed having to balance my own day trading & travelling, teaching, and also training the guys from the LTD Project.  I tread the waters very carefully of having the responsibility to teach other traders how to read the markets & be able to consistently make money every day. It isn’t about winning big its about just winning every day Since I have been through the best scams the day trading industry has to offer I refuse to do […]

The Biggest Lie In The Day Trading Industry

day trading lies

The Day Trading Industry is one of the most unique industries that I have ever seen.  Over my roughly 10 year career I have experienced both sides of it, being taken advantage of & scammed in the beginning followed by being an insider developing strategies for day trading companies that (badly needed it!) requested my services. It is always easier for us to point fingers instead of looking in the mirror and realizing that part of the problem is ourselves.  Many of […]

Oct 26th Recap: 9 Pts from London, England

risk management

I meant to have this up Friday but unfortunately I have been plagued by low internet upload speeds here at the hostel where I am staying and chose to upload the live class recordings for everyone in the training program for this week. One of the things that I make sure I do for everyone is record not just the live classes, but all of the review classes as well.  We have traders from all over the globe and as a person […]

Oct 23rd Recap w/ Students Making 4-9 Points!

Oct 23rd Recap w/ Students Making 4-9 Points!1023 Overall Market

What an absolutely INCREDIBLE DAY to trade the markets. This week we are going to have a student take over again and have students run the classes. We have live market classes running on Monday through Thursday, who wants to trade on Friday’s right? I always love to have the student hot seats where students who are now proficient with the Congressive System show the way they trade the market. I have a deep belief that everyone has a unique style within […]

A Losing Day: This Is What Happens When You Lose Focus (Oct 18th Recap)

losing money day tradingStop losing money day trading

I have been running around all day getting errands accomplished in addition to waiting at the high commission of India office to reclaim my passport with (hopefully) an approved visa to India.  If anything I am more willing to share the losing days than the winning days because we have more lessons to learn on days that we lose than days that we win. Really want to take this time out to talk a little bit about staying focused. One of the […]

Oct 17th Recap: 6+ Points in London, Englad

Oct 17th Recap: 6+ Points in London, Englad

I have been working very hard on updating the curriculum and I have already added tons of new information that most of the students in the training program have left great feedback about. This is the main reason that I have not uploaded any updates for last week and this week. We have seen great movement as the volume in the market has returned to normal levels and we are also seeing great levels of volatility as well. It’s going to be […]

The Problems With The CQG Feed & How to Fix It


The CQG fee for Ninja Trader is one of the most popular feeds available on the market for the ES and many other markets as well.  Most Emini brokers and Ninja Trader brokers offer the CQG feed since it is supposed to be one of the most reliable feeds available. Keyword, supposed to.  With CQG’s recent problems we can’t refer to them as the most reliable in the industry. The CQG feed has been showing signs of weakness, I cannot recall so […]

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