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Manny aka The Trading Connoisseur




  • Name: Manny
  • Aka: The Trading Connoisseur
  • Years of Experience: 6+ years
  • Style: Conservative
  • Daily Average: 2-3 Points per day

The former computer programmer now aptly calls himself a professional day trader and has risen the ranks to be one of The Day Trading Academy’s Master Traders.  Manny likes to dominate the markets as quickly as possible to be able to spend time with his family.  He often finishes day trading in roughly 10-20 minutes and spends the day with his family at the beach in St. Petersburg, Fl.

He was one of the first members that participated in our one on one in person live Military Training.  In 2014 he flew to London to provide not one but two Military Training sessions.  Manny is also providing training to in house day traders that will soon join the ranks of our traders in the Colombia day trading center.  He has also presented masterful presentations on psychology and trading at our annual pro trader seminars.

Day Trading in Venice

“Day Trading in Venice with one of our Graduate Master Traders Manny”

One of the most unique things that Manny has done in the last few years is take his entire family to Italy with his day trading profits.  Since we consider everyone in the training program at The Day Trading Academy family we wanted to be there with him when he achieved his dream.  We were able to meet up with Manny during this special event and traveled to Venice, Florence, and Rome with his family.


  1. Awesome story! Can you go into detail about the transition from expecting check bi-weekly, to becoming totally dependent on orofits from daytrading? Has to be pretty nerve racking, especially with a family.

  2. I’d be interested in hearing the answer to Joe’s question as well. How long Manny, before your leave of absence became permanent?

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