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Day Trading and Traveling around the world.

The Life Of A Trader: Our Master Trader Retreat in Cartagena

Casa Pombo Cartagena

When we started The Day Trading Academy we had a vision. Although we were day trading and traveling on our own it wasn’t that much fun. Not when we could trade other traders to do the same. To have their freedom and have the ability to live life the way it was meant to. We […]

House Hunters International Episode – Our First Day Trading Center.

House Hunters International Episode - Our First Day Trading Center.View from the penthouse that we rented in Brazil

So excited to share this House Hunters International Episode which features our founder, Marcello Arrambide, when purchasing a 5 bedroom penthouse in the city of eternal spring, Medellin, Colombia. The property is for all of our traders with The Day Trading Academy to use. We do most of our training online and this will be our […]

An Honor To The Trader That Inspires Us All: Superman

Superman TraderSuperman Trader

In honor to one of the best traders that inspire us all. On our recent Master Trader retreat we wanted to send a tribute to the man. Superman. The man known as none other than Jim Steel. We visited the gorgeous historical colonial streets of Cartagena, Colombia. Afterwards, we held our first full week live trading session with […]

Photo Friday: First Master Trader Retreat in Cartagena Mansion Edition

Casa Pombo Cartagena

Our very first Master Trader retreat has been planned to start in Cartagena.  We understand that day trading is all about making money but we look at things a little differently at The Day Trading Academy (DTA).  We consider everyone at DTA to be family so day trading for us isn’t so much about making money […]

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