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Making Money With Stocks Online: ($67,537.59/441% in 6 months)

Who knew making money with stocks would be that easy? Just throw a dart pick some stocks and then make over $67,000 right? We could probably say that it was all skill but frankly, it was also partly luck. We always tell everyone in our training program that we create our own luck in the markets.

Good decisions bread good luck.

That’s because when someone puts themselves in a good situation it allows them to make better decisions. Creating the best possible outcome.

This isn’t to say that mistakes cannot be made.

I will cringe when I tell you that collectively we were up over $500,000 combined at one point in the beginning of 2014.  Imagine eating a Subway cookie after they just came out of the oven. Subway cookies are the best aren’t they?

We could have walked away with over 700% returns in a matter of weeks. We even celebrated by going on a cruise to the Galapagos islands. All this was with only roughly $70,000 in investments.

Problems with video? Watch the making money with stocks online on YouTube

It is not to say that making money with stocks (and in the markets in general) is going to be easy all the time.

What many aspiring traders don’t realize is that learning how to day trade takes a lot of work. It goes against the very things that we were taught in school. For one, 60% would be considered a failing grade in any educational institutional today.

60% is one of the best winning ratios while trading stocks.

Or anything for that matter.

We are using the profits from our stock investments for the same thing we use the training program sales for. Reinvesting it in our traders. In house traders that is.

We are going to start making money with Colombian stocks. For those of you that are just visiting the site we have already had 8 traders go live here in our day trading center in Colombia.

See our 7th and 8th trader’s that just went live making $3100 yesterday.

Go ahead. We were curious too when they told us they were up $3100. Click here to see their live charts.  Back to the good stuff.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Scotttrade Realized Gains

I can’t take all of the credit for the decisions that were made when we ransacked the market for $67,000 in profits. We had Tyler visiting to receive personal one on one live Military Training.

He was the trader that won a free 1 year training program, a free trip to Jordan to experience the freedom a day trader can have, and just so happened to invest in the stocks above.

He is now doing his own version of day trading and traveling around the world.

He picked up and left to South Africa, rented a motorcycle for 3 months, and is living the dream.

Huge congrats to him.

Honcho Extreme

Tyler, aka Honcho Extreme, exploring South Africa

We always discuss ideas with our Master Traders and other insiders. When another trader who signed up for the program arrived we discussed several investment  ideas. The general consensus was silver as we expect the precious metal to explode in coming months.

We have been discussing all of the potential investment opportunities that we see on our investment blog. All opportunities including what we actually invest in.

The way I looked at this opportunity was the way any trader would analyze it. The potential downside were a few thousand dollars. In other words, ONE TRADE with 10 contracts with E-mini Futures.

The upside potential was incredible massive.  The Scottrade account actually reached nearly $100,000 in profits at one point.

A potential 1,000% return on investment.

That was the mistake that many of us made. We didn’t take profits when the euphoria was rampant. We were happier than Oprah at a food festival!

Oprah Fat

Love you Oprah. Do your thing girl.

Warren Buffet has always said:

“Be greedy when people are fearful and be fearful when people are greedy”

The man is a legend isn’t he?

Lesson learned Warren. Lesson learned.

This of course is the honest truth when it comes to day trading. We are always going to make mistakes.

The idea is to identify those mistakes early and correct them. Not avoid them.

Deciding to close our positions and make the money on these stocks was easy when we began to notice something wrong.  The movement in price from many of these stocks was reacting less and less to good great news.  We recently just closed our last positions in HEMP and ERBB.

We now have the following positions open.

Scotttrade Current Positions

In full disclosure, we want to show the winners and the losers. Although we have a reason to believe that those red G/L numbers for ONVO and DDD might just be green by the end of the year. Quite green in fact.  We will be happy when the tides turn as the 3D printing market is set to explode.

If only the tides could have turned for Argentina after losing the World Cup.  They can at least look on the bright side now. Oh wait, Argentina doesn’t have a bright side. Good thing we were routing for Germany.

Viva Deutschland.

Day trading isn’t just about making money all the time. Although the decisions we made with the stocks at the beginning of the year were quite impressive. Only two losses with a win ratio of 84.61%. Including the open positions that would be a win ratio of 76.47%.

EXK, a silver mining firm from Mexico, is at a target area. We could take profit here and run or we could consider taking  a partial profit. Who am I kidding? Being that EXK is tied to silver we expect this stock to explode. The recent low on this stock was 3.66 and we were able to fill an order right at the  3.669.

This is the power of Fibonacci Extensions (free indicator that you can use on any trading platform).  Being surrounded by talented traders here in Colombia has already reaped rewards also.

Many are adept at reading market profile and are very good at technical analysis.

Market profile is an indicator that allows us to see where the big money is sitting. In other words, where big banks and institutions have their orders waiting. It looks like a horizontal volume indicator although it gauges orders.  We entered at 3.92 in case the market didn’t drop to the expected $3.66 and pulled the second trigger at $3.66. We were filled at $3.669.

The target area is in line with a trend line, Fibonacci Extension target area, and the most important of all…. 50.77% in profits already!

(Click image to enlarge)

EXK Target Area

The current target area is we are looking for is roughly $10-$12. That is the previous area of resistance. With the US government debt blowing out of proportions we expect a major shift in sentiment and more investors pilling their money in gold and silver.

When the stock market crash eventually does occur these investment will do extremely well.  We have also discussed investing in Platinum, Palladium, and other precious metals.

Don’t say that we didn’t let investors know. We are putting our own money in these metals.

Look forward to sharing more updates about our stock investments.  When the crisis does arrive we will be able to make huge gains with technical analysis trading E-mini futures.  One of the reasons why we are creating our new day trading centers around the world is because we are expecting just that.

And once we have our Colombian and Brazilian Master Traders we will certainly be able to reap large rewards.

Stay profitable my friend…..

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