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Making Money With Penny Stocks

Our first foray into making money with penny stocks.

How would you like to make $30,000?

Two of our insider traders have been able to do just that.

With the explosion of the recreational marijuana market many of our traders who came down to Colombia saw the insight to be able to invest in this emerging market.

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There has been a an explosion in interest and also an investment in many marijuana companies. The recent legalization of recreational marijuana in both Washington state and Colorado has led to an increased awareness about many different marijuana companies. With California not far behind we anticipate that many of these penny stocks will continue to rise higher.

Day Trading Penny Stocks

Our profit from January 7th day trading penny stocks

In the short span of just a week we are up roughly 750% of our investment. Many of our other traders are also up very big thanks to the attentiveness to the changes in the new marijuana market. Soon the California wall also legalize marijuana and that will open up even more doors for a bigger market. Alaska has also been recently reported to be looking at the viability of legalizing the drug.

We have made roughly a $30,000 profit on both yesterday and today and look forward to increase profits at the stock continue a bit higher.

Trading Penny Stocks

Trading Penny Stocks

We do plan on detailing the targets of where we expect the penny stocks to land. One must understand that right now there is a significant amount of euphoria and buzz in relation to the legalization of the drug.

Some of the companies will be short term holds due to the lack of fundamentals.  Some of these companies are riddled with that and do not have cash to rely on.

We will be detailing which stocks we are watching with a full breakdown.

Please note the disclosure here on the Day Trading Academy website detailing that are results may not be indicative of future results. This is also for educational purposes only.

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  1. That’s amazing performance by you guys! well done.

    Just a question, how can I come alongside you guys and take the same trades you do, I am based in the UK. So a bit hard for me to come all the way to Columbia…

    1. We have a trader in Norway Ahmed. One of our master traders that does very well. Everyone in the program will soon have the availability to do military training and trade alongside any of our master traders. We are starting our day trading center in Colombia to allow for one on one trading with our master traders

  2. Ahmed,

    I am currently based in Norway and am unable to visit “the boys” in Colombia. If you’re interested in some trading, the DTA army is worldwide now. I would be willing to help you out and answer any questions you might have. I am only a short flight away 🙂

  3. I am an entrepreneur and day trader. I am 21 and just as enthusiastic as your team and would like to become a member and do day trades and learn from the pros. Please contact me as i am currently thinking of moving to South America soon. I have made just under 500,000 but would like to learn more. I would love to share my trades and learn from other pros.

  4. I am from Papua New Guinea, a nation in the South Pacific. I have been reading on day trading but am not sure if anyone here has ever tried it. DTA would be a great starting point for me. Can you guys help me out? Nick

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