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LTD Project March 5th Recap (Live Video On ES): March 5th ES Recap: 2.75 Pts on 2 Trades

Instant gratification is fun.

The ES didn’t disappoint today  allowing me to start right out of the gate with a 2-point winner.  It was also helpful as the only decision we had to make today as to go long.  It is never a dull moment to be in a live market class with Marcello Arrambide as he always makes sure to have a good time.

Since the market was moving with so much momentum to the upside he played the classic theme song from Rocky as we waited for the market to hit our overall profit target.

Sure enough, with a cluster of Fibonacci Extensions the market reached the overall areas as we cheered on.  Never a dull moment with the guys in the DTA Training Program.

There was a mild reaction to some news-items and a final trade that showed enough signs of slowing momentum that I exited with .75 points.

As per my trading plan I stopped trading after locking in this 2.75 pt profit, but the session was still young.  I always like to hone my skills especially after I started trading the 6E in February.

 I took the opportunity to continue sim-trading. (Yes, I really do think trading is fun, and would still do it even if I was NOT making money!)  There are some traders that like to go to beach after trading and others that like to trade all day.  I am the kind of traders that would like to trade all day.

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