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LTD Project March 5th Recap (Live Video On 6E): March 5th: +4 Ticks on 4 Trades

There’s nothing like starting a 6E trading session at 5am and make a quick 7-ticks in the first 15 minutes. It is tough to wake up this early in the morning but I am dedicated as ever to extract everything out of the market.

Overall, this early-morning session was actually a minefield of sorts, tempting me twice with trades that fit “the rules,” but also contained a fair amount less “probability” than I like to see in the 6E market.

 I stayed out of 2 such trades and was rewarded by seeing that BOTH of them would have been losses.  This is one of the beauties of looking at the market with a Congressive mindset.  It isn’t about the rules or indicators as much as it is about being able to understand and adapt to the market.

 After a 4-tick loss and a failed trade that I was able to scalp a tick from, I finished the session with 4-ticks profit, and looked forward to the prime morning session on the ES.  You may find the ES recap for today here.

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  1. Liked the video. Due to my bussiness I can only trade overnight or early in the morning 6E moves better then ES overnight. So anyway Jonathan. Do you live in PA? I guess so. I am from Philly. Can you give me a call at XXXXXXXXXX a hve a lot of questions and I hate typing. Thank you

    1. Hey Alex your phone number didn’t come through but if you want to contact us you can call us at the number on the top right or via the contact tab

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