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As with any profitable venture, time and effort are required to lay the foundation for success; there is no magic formula. Don’t be intimidated, day trading isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem. We coach students from all backgrounds to success and our in-house traders strive to support and develop your trading skills.

Our core values at Day Trading Academy are Success, Wealth, and Freedom.   We recognize that these powerful words represent different things to different people. It is our commitment to assist students and our DTA family in attaining their goals; whatever their interpretation of each core value may be.

Learning how to day trade is a decision that many people make to live their dream of having complete freedom in terms of time, money, and location.

Our mantra is “Let’s Create Your Lifestyle”.   Over the last few years, we have helped thousands of our students and members become consistently profitable traders; achieving their goals and creating their lifestyles.

When you day trade, you don’t rely on anyone except yourself.  For some, it’s the freedom to spend time with their family; for others, it’s not having a boss to report to, or working 12 hours a day doing something they don’t enjoy.  Trading not only offers a flexible job, but a flexible lifestyle as well.

When we say flexible, we not only refer to traveling and the ability to take time off work; it is being able to stay flexible with the fast changing global world. Many people trade a couple of hours a day, and earn a great income. Remember, you only need an internet connection to make a living day trading.  It is one of the reasons we say day trading is a lifestyle, not a profession.

Day Trading one of the Cheapest Businesses That YOU Can Start

Day trading is exponentially cheaper when compared to starting a conventional business.   How many companies offer the potential of making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in the first full year of business and costs less than $10,000 to start?

DTA Guide Results

Whenever anyone asks us how much money a trader can make with the E-mini S&P 500, we always say an average of roughly two points a day.  Points are trading term used in the futures market describing the movement of price during the trading session. This is what a beginner can make without any risk management, and without maximizing profit on any trades.  By leveraging contracts behind these two points, we can make between $100 – $1,000 and more, for the same time spent in the market.

Day Trading in Venice

“Day Trading in Venice with one of our Graduate Master Traders Manny”

Manny on the left, aka “The Trading Connoisseur” is a very conservative trader that only looks for an average of 2-3 points per day.  He normally finishes within 15-20 minutes taking only 1-2 trades and loves to spend his extra time on the beach with his family.

By leveraging your position with increased contracts you can make the same profit with two points at ten contracts, or twenty points with one.

You can decide how much time you want to spend trading, or more importantly, how much time you want away from the market.   This year, Manny took five weeks off from trading to bring his entire family to Italy, solely on his day trading income.

Jim Nikolia Marcello Manny

The picture above shows a few of the traders that have risen through the ranks to become some of the best; we call them Master Traders.  They all have different styles, personalities, and have reached consistency day trading in different ways.  Part of the original group of students to convince Marcello to begin teaching again; they have stayed with Day Trading Academy to assist with coaching and advanced trade concepts, helping develop the next generation of Master Traders.

Nikolai on the left, aka “Hit Man”, is a trader that likes to capitalize on quick market fluctuations.  His style is adaptive to the changes in buying and selling pressure and he decides how aggressive he will be based on how well the market moving.  Nikolai loves to run our live and review classes to teach others the techniques he uses for analysis.

Jim second from the right, aka “Super Man”, is more of a scalper and loves to trade all day.  He watches the markets 9:30am to 4:00m (New York time).  For Jim, the idea is to see how well he is able to handle himself in the market the entire day, often amassing over twenty points.  He is a rules based trader and many of his concepts and ideas have been incorporated into Day Trading Academy’s strategy.

Manny, mentioned previously,  was one of the first to attend DTA’s Military Training and has recently returned from London, where he trained a new student who opted for one-on-one development to begin their career.  His market psychology classes are a must see at the annual seminar.


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